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Best Hammer Drill Machine Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Everyone is very fascinated with these latest power tools. Many of them are taking all the attention of handymen and even women. Out of hundreds of devices, the hammer drill is the most powerful and durable. A hammer drill with its powerful motor can easily handle any professional jobs. Unlike many standard exercises, the hammer drill is very different as it has a forward and backward movement that helps in crushing the materials. The robust parts make the drill a sustainable power tool. However, when it comes to buying one, then the process gets a little complicated. To simplify, we have highlighted a few factors that help one decide to get the best hammer drill.

Why Go For A Hammer Drill Machine?

Any operation can be carried out with a hammer drill. It is an ideal tool for both hard and soft surfaces. But they are a little bit more inclined towards concrete or hard surfaces. It is best to go with a hammer drill because one gets both the functions of a standard drill and a hammer drill itself. This power tool has the potential to do the same job but at a much faster pace. The extra power and hammering action make it very unique. It is almost like a jackhammer. A hammer drill is a better option because of its multi-functionality. It has a setting where the hammer feature can be switched on and off whenever required.

Any chiseling and drilling tasks can be done. It can be used not only in homes but also in construction zones. The rapid thrusts in a short period help in breaking any hard surface. The clutch that comes with the drill keeps switching from spinning to punching. Hammering action is comparatively faster than any other drill.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Hammer Drill

Motor Power - All the hammer drilling machines come with a lot of motor power. If thinking of working on medium-sized jobs, make sure to get motor power in the range of five and eight amps. For heavy-duty works, it increases the ability to get more power range.

Speed - The speed varies from cordless hammers to corded hammers. For more speed, go with a corded version. It also is equipped with more power. If the rotations per minute are ranging between 1500-2000, then it is perfect.

Chuck Size - The drill bit needs a nice chuck that fits perfectly. The size of chuck can be anywhere between half an inch to a whole one inch. In some cases, some models just come with keyless chucks where one doesn’t need to remove any tools.

Price - Many brands like Bosch and Black Decker are having models of all ranges. The price ranges from Rupees 1,000 to Rupees 4,000. Check for your requirements in the hammer drill and don’t overspend on unnecessary attachments and features.

Warranty - It is very crucial when buying any power tool to look for an extended warranty period. Many companies are willing to give a limited warranty period of one year, and sometimes it can be extended to two or three years.

Final Words

That is all the information one needs when deciding to buy a hammer drilling machine. It is best to go to a hardware store and check for a few other features that can be helpful along with the drill. Try to look for discounts either on an online website or offline. To check some fantastic products, follow our list of top ten hammer drill machines.