10 Best Drill Machine To Make Holes On Concrete, Wood, Metals & Other Solid Materials

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Best Drill Machine Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

It is prevalent in buildings to incur damages, and it is best to solve them by ourselves with the right tools. Power tools are emerging to be more productive and convenient than any other service offered by experts. Though there is a little learning curve after one gets used to the tool, it becomes effortless to do projects around the house. Many variations are available in drilling machines that can handle any surface like wood, metal, concrete, and it can be plain rocks. They are enhancing efficiency by a significant factor and are coming out to be a very cost-effective solution. By doing these jobs at home, it gives them quality assurance. However, there are too many drilling machines available that are very hard to distinguish from one another. So, it is vital to consider a few factors before making a purchase.

Why Buy A Drilling Machine?

Any drilling machine has similar things to offer, but only some can be used for all kinds of applications in the building industry. One can install shelves and racks with ease. A drilling machine is much more efficient than a screwdriver because the tool is incorporated with the features of a screwdriver. Everyday maintenance requires a drilling kit with wrench, pliers, and hammers. The most important thing is to save money. Instead of calling a technician for every small job, one can learn all that with a portable drilling machine. It is only a one-time investment, and again in one’s life, they wouldn’t require another handyman.

Types Of Drilling Machine

Portable Drilling Machine

This type of power tool comes in small sizes and is very compact. They are easy to move around and require very little space in one’s tool kit. These are called hand drill machines because they can be handheld while working on the project. So, it can be used in any position and is adaptable to several environments. They can generate more power and can get the job done in less time. This type of machine is best for home drilling projects.

Hammer Drill

This type of drill is best for hard materials and can cut right through it without any strain on one’s body. Hammer drill is also called an impact drill or percussion drill because of its functionality. It provides short hammer thrusts, which makes the process quick with less effort.

Upright Drilling Machine

These are commonly used for industrial purposes that deal with medium and heavy loads. This machine comes with an exciting feature called a power feeder, which makes the drill rotate and move faster. The cross-section at the bottom can vary based on the job. They can be round columns and box columns.

Seed Drilling Machine

As the name suggests, it is used in the agricultural field. Manual seeding is very hard and time taking, but with a seed drill, it makes the job effortless. In some models of this machine, both seed sowing and fertilization can be done simultaneously. With a tool like a seed drill, it is likely to see drastic changes in production.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Drilling Machine

Power - To penetrate through hard materials, one needs to get the right capacity of power. It varies from household machines to industrial machines. An average range of power would be between 400 and 500 watts. If deciding to get a more powerful tool, then the power capacity should be in the field of 600 watts to 700 watts.

Dimensions & Weight - It depends on the job or project one is working on, and that helps in deciding the size and weight one would require. It is not a good option to go with heavy drilling machines for fixing shelves and home projects. A lightweight and portable would be the right choice. In commercial spaces, a more massive drilling machine would be a better option.

Corded VS Cordless - This is a matter of convenience while working on the drilling machine. It is evident that cordless ones are more convenient to use, and they offer high mobility. It relieves all the stress from cables. On the other hand, corded versions provide more power than can handle more load. The runtime between both types of machines varies. The corded tool has no limit, but in the case of cordless, they have limited runtime.

Keyed VS Unkeyed Chuck - The metal shaft is responsible for holding the bits together comes in two variations. Keyed chuck is better for some people as it uses a mechanical key to adjust the machine bits. When it comes to un-keyed chuck, it has to be done manually with hands, and the power drill tightens the bits.

Clutch & Speed - Orientation of the drill is hard to achieve, but with a clutch, it helps in reducing the overdriving of the screw. Speed controls are a must-have in one’s drilling machine. Speed is the last thing that drives the screws, so it must be adjusted to the correct values. Such features increase the versatility of the equipment.

Budget - To have most of the features mentioned above, one must manage its budget correctly. Most of the models that come with essential features and functionality are priced at Rupees 1,500. If one is not having the skills of a professional, then a standard model would be worthy. Brands like Bosche and Black Decker have many products that are at an affordable rate. To perform high-level jobs, a professional drilling machine is required. Premium quality machines cost anywhere between Rupees 4,000 and Rupees 8,000.

Warranty - Brands with superior quality are very much likely to have a reasonable warranty period. Try to buy such brands that are reliable and provide top-notch performance. Many manufacturers are offering a minimum of 6 months warranty, and it can be extended to 2 years. If any attachments are provided, then look for a replacement policy.

Final Words

A drilling machine is a very sustainable power tool and can come handy in some situations. To buy the best drilling machine, one has to understand their requirement. It can be for massive projects or in-home services. So, one must keep all the above points in mind before investing in a drilling machine. Therefore, decide on the usage and budget for more clarity. It can help in many emergencies and can get the job done without any difficulty. Check its functionality in the store and do some sample drilling. Having said all that, if you are still confused, follow our list of top ten drill machines.