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Best Soundbar Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Everyone loves watching movies and TV series on big screens. It has become an essential part of our lives, and we all enjoy the quality time spent with family watching our favorite film. So, why not take it up a notch and install a brand new soundbar? These products are so amazing that they help us experience content to the fullest. The next main thing after resolution and panels for TV is sound quality. If one has that, they have it all! This small element of surprise will be the factor that makes your viewing experience complete. One needs to get a separate system for their audio setup because the ones given with TV are of deficient quality. Another thing regarding soundbars is that they are specifically designed for TVs. So, it is better to stick to television.

If one lacks space for a complete speaker system, they can install a soundbar that is easy to use and needs very little space. It can be mounted on top or the bottom of the TV. But before buying and fitting it to your TV, one has to evaluate some factors and understand which soundbar is best suited for their home. After spending much time, we have presented below the factors one should consider before buying a soundbar.

Why Choose Soundbar Over Speaker?

First of all, it is better to clear things that speakers are more efficient in producing high sound quality. But in many aspects, the soundbar grabs the victory over the speaker. A soundbar is better to use because of its portability. Many people don't have enough space for an entire speaker system. In that case, it is better to go with a soundbar that can just be mounted on the wall. Soundbars have multiple speakers built in it, and these various speakers create a replica of a high-quality surround system. A soundbar can never be outdated, but in the case of speakers, it is about to happen soon. Such sound systems are coming with different features that let people connect it to their Smart TVs.

However, it may not be on the same level as speakers, but soundbars are very close in achieving that sound quality. It can be used on any entertainment platform like streaming, music, and movies. It is driving more interest in consumers and is an excellent add-on for your TV setup. The designs that are coming with new soundbars are so unique, and on the hand, the speakers feel very heavy and look bulky. It makes no significant difference on which soundbar one chooses because all of them have a considerable impact on the internal speaker.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Soundbar

Connections: Connections are a crucial part as they decide the relationship with the TV itself. In most cases, it only requires one cable to connect. It is recommended to go with HDMI cable and not optical cables. HDMI provides more all-round sound quality, and the interface has more options for future customization. Everyone is opting for HDMI because they are more immersive in the experience when using this kind of cable. If one wants to go all-in, then buy a soundbar that comes with the ARC protocol (Audio Return Channel), which establishes a network for the soundbar and TV to communicate.

Surround Sound VS Dolby: When deciding on which sound technology to integrate, it is always better to go with Dolby Atmos technology. The stereo modes of many soundbars are not able to give that surround sound effect. So, when checking the labels on the product, look for the third number, which represents whether the Dolby is featured in it or not. For example, on the name it is written 5.1.0, it indicates that this soundbar is not compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Design & Display: The designs do not vary much from one brand to another, as they all are thin and long speakers which are in the form of a tin can. It is better to go with wireless designs because they can be mounted and installed easily. When coming to the front display panel of the soundbar, it is not that necessary and useful. So, don't try to look for cool groups as they don't do anything different. It is not essential, and all the controlling is done from your remote.

Extra Features: Some features are unique and make one's life easier. Smart soundbars that come with in-built virtual assistants are proving to be so helpful for many reasons. Having an adaptive sound system is beneficial as it can adjust the volume automatically. Soundbars that come with upward-firing can enhance sound quality. If having an LED television, then it is better to have a soundbar with a woofer attached. Many features are available in the marketplace like 4K video pass-through, Multiroom audio, and Q-Symphony. Pick a few that are going to take it to the next level.

Price: In the Indian marketplace, there are a wide variety of products that are coming with exciting features and attachments. To make the most of it, one must be good at managing their budget. Top brands like JBL, Mi, and Bose are leading producers of high-quality soundbars. Some soundbars are under Rupees 4,000, and there also soundbars that can go as high as Rupees 50,000. Choose your sweet spot, and do not overspend for features that you do not need.

Warranty: A sound warranty card is vital to have more and more amazing experiences with your television. So, it is better to look for a brand that offers more warranty. Many brands are willing to provide a two-year limited warranty for the soundbar alone. Extra accessories can be replaced within the given time frame, and it is possible that they won't accept if there are any physical damages. So, be careful when taking it to the store for a replacement. Make it a point to go to the store and listen to different soundbars.

Final Words

Well, there it is wrapped up in a few paragraphs. The above information is more than enough to pick a good soundbar for your television. Get your size and other specifications right and cross-check them multiple times. It is an excellent addition to your TV, and it is an improvement from traditional speakers. If having any queries, check out our list of top ten soundbars in India.