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Best Portable Nebulizer Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Various respiratory problems are quite common nowadays. A good portable nebulizer machine is necessary for people suffering from medical complications like asthma and many more. These portable nebulizers basically convert the liquid medication to mist, which is then transferred to the lungs for relief. These Portable nebulizer machines are quite compact and thus can be easily carried everywhere. This guide lists these portable nebulizer machines' types and factors to consider before buying are listed below.

Different types of portable nebulizers are:

The portable nebulizer machines are categorized into three major types as per the working mechanism. They are:

Jet nebulizer machine

In this type of portable nebulizer machine, the device's nebulizer cap is attached to the mouthpiece. A tiny opening is present at the bottom of the cup through which the oxygen tubing is attached. The other end of the oxygen tube is attached to the compressed air source. The flow of air enters through the bottom opening and basically turns the solution into a mist.

Mesh nebulizer machine

This type of portable nebulizer machine does not require any specific tubing. These usually have a mesh disc of the size of a dime or just a quarter. The mesh consists of the smallest microscopic holes. The portable mesh nebulizer vibrates at speeds of over 100,000 times per second or even more, and the medication is pushed through the holes and thereby generates the droplets.

Ultrasonic nebulizers

These have a specific piezoelectric vibrator attached to them that produces high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations are then transferred through the attached water tank directly to the medication. The vibration is produced here to create a column of liquid medication, and thus, small particles are produced, which are inhaled by the user.

Factors to consider before buying a portable nebulizer machine are:

Noise Levels

The best brands like Omron micro air portable nebulizer, apollo portable nebulizer, equinox portable nebulizer, and others have sound levels approximately 60 dB or even lesser, which is super convenient to use.

Nebulization Rate

Most of the nebulizer machines have a nebulization rate of approximately 0.3ml/minute or more, which is quite efficient and provides an optimum flow to the user.

Chamber Capacity

Different portable nebulizer machines have different chamber capacities, like 10 ml or more, to store and inhale the medications. The chamber is also detachable, and thus, one can easily remove and refill the medications every time.


Portable nebulizer machines of brands like Omron, Apollo, Dr. Trust, Equinox, and others cost approximately ₹1000 to ₹3000, which is incredibly affordable.


In case the nebulizer machine does not have a constant flow or any problems in general, one can claim the warranty from the brand and get it fixed with minimal charges. Brands like Omron, apollo, equinox, and so on have a warranty period of one year to five years for their portable nebulizer machines.

Final Thoughts

Nebulizer machines are quite a necessity for people suffering from such respiratory problems. And thus, investing in these good brands will ensure high-grade quality and durability. These are highly effective in providing relief, ease the airflow through the lungs, and better breathing airflow. To know the top 10 best portable nebulizer machines, check out the list given above.