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Best Nebulizer Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Many people have Asthma and other respiratory issues in the country. The number of cases keeps on increasing every year. For most patients, the doctor prescribes using a nebulizer for taking the medication. For first-time buyers, a nebulizer is medical equipment that acts as a drug delivery system. The pressure built inside the nebulizer is used for converting liquid medicine into a mist. This way, the patient gets instant relief from any respiratory issues. So, a nebulizer is a must for patients having such problems. Therefore, when buying one, it requires more attention and care. One must analyze different factors that play a crucial role in nebulizers, like instruments and other features. Buying a nebulizer becomes easy when one has a clear idea of what kind of nebulizer to buy and what all features to include. Also, look for models that are readily available in the market because nebulizers are delicate and can get damaged at any time. This way, one can easily replace the broken nebulizer with readily available ones in the market. Before rushing to the store and buying the first nebulizer you see on the counter, take time to look at different types of nebulizers available and decide which is best for you.

Types Of Nebulizers

Any medication device needs to be dealt with great care and precision. So, the first thing to decide is the type of nebulizer. Two main types are popular, and they are mechanical nebulizer and electrical nebulizer. But based on their operation, they have more nebulizers under each category.

Jet Nebulizer

The jet means that the air that is compressed comes out of the tube at high velocities. The treatment lasts for about 15-20 minutes. The weight of the jet nebulizer is hefty and bulky in size. Medine capacity is around 12-13ml. Jet nebulizers also come in both models that are handheld and tabletop. It is hard to carry around and is better off at one place only.

Ultrasonic Wave Nebulizer

In this case, the nebulizer turns the medication into mist by using ultrasonic waves. These waves are generated with the help of a metal plate. People can undergo treatment without any noise or disturbances. Ultrasonic nebulizers are light in weight and come in compact sizes. So, they are portable and easy to carry. However, one drawback is that some medications cannot sustain the heat from ultrasonic waves.

Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh nebulizer is considered as one of the modern medical equipment in the market. The liquid medication is turned into mist by using a vibrating laser-drilled mesh membrane. It is fully used, and no medicine goes to waste. It is a better option if one has enough budget to spend on a nebulizer. This is because it is the most expensive out of the three types of nebulizers.

Alright, now that one has cleared their doubts about the types of nebulizers, they should know which nebulizer is best for them. It is time to move on to the factors that make an excellent nebulizer that one needs to focus on before purchasing.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Nebulizer

Size - The two dimensions that are most commonly used are the pediatric model and adult model. Pediatric nebulizers are for young kids or infants. They come with specific themes to reduce stress for the children. It is terrifying for kids when using a nebulizer, so it is essential not to provoke them during the treatment. Adult versions do not come with any theme, and most of them have a standard appearance.

Design - Before choosing the design for the nebulizers, one must determine whether they want to use it at home or want to take it with them to different places. The two models are tabletop and handheld. If being on active adventures, then people need portable nebulizers.

Speed Of Delivery - This is the essential element of a nebulizer. In between an asthma attack, one needs to take the medication immediately. The standard range of speed is anywhere between four liters to eight liters per minute. One tip for enhancing the rate would be by maintaining the nebulizer clean.

Convenience - It isn't easy to use a nebulizer for the first time. When at the hospital, carefully observe the steps taken by the nurse when using the nebulizer. Simple models should be enough for any treatment, and even newbies can operate the nebulizer with ease.

Noise Level - Normal treatment lasts for about 15 minutes. So, a noise-free nebulizer would be a better option. Especially in the case of children, the noise from the nebulizer should be kept to the bare minimum.

Price - Price is no problem for most people as they are looking to make their health condition better. The cost of nebulizers is not too high or too low. However, it is recommended to stick with only some trustworthy brands. Some good brands are Phillips, Omron, and Roscoe medical. The prices range from Rupees 500 to Rupees 2000.

Online VS Physical Stores - Any store is excellent when buying a nebulizer. When online, one can look at the reviews and understand which accessories go perfectly with the nebulizer. A great variety of options are available online, but it is better to test the nebulizer for a trial before buying.

Warranty - Nebulizers are very delicate and can break at any point in time. So, it is best to have a guarantee rather than buying a new one. Most of the brands are giving one year limited warranty period. In this time frame, one can get all the critical damages repaired and can replace any attachments.


Having said all that, one needs to take no chance of putting their health at risk. Make sure the nebulizer is comfortable to use and handle. Don't fall into the trap of cheap brands and spend more money. Choose one that fits your daily routine and lifestyle. To look at some high-quality products, follow our list of top ten nebulizers in India.