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Best Nebulizer Machine Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

With so much pollution everywhere, it isn't uncommon to suffer from asthma or other breathing-related problems. A nebulizer machine is necessary equipment often prescribed by healthcare professionals for people who suffer through such conditions. This machine provides temporary relief and often acts as an inhaler for better relaxation. This plays a significant role when the airflow pathway narrows down and makes it difficult for continuous breathing. Since this is a healthcare product, investing in the right nebulizer is the main goal. This buying guide provides basic knowledge regarding the types and factors before buying a nebulizer machine.

What are the different types of nebulizer machines?

There are various types of nebulizer machines available in the market. One should have a comprehensive idea regarding each one of them to choose the most appropriate product for them.

Jet Nebulizer:

The size of jet nebulizers are quite big and the most commonly used out of all. The mechanism usually transforms the medical liquid into a mist. When inhaled through a nebulizer machine with a mask, the mist will provide instant relief from any breathing trouble.

Mesh Nebulizer:

The machine's mechanism involves modifying the medicine into minute particles so that the absorption rate is high during the entire nebulization process. This results in quick relief and less wastage of medicine.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers:

These are mainly preferred by healthcare professionals and provide more intense treatment for people who suffer from dangerous breathing-related problems. Therefore, these do not come under the home nebulizer machine category. The mechanism involved here is generating ultrasonic waves in the form of mists, which helps provide quick relief to the individual's lungs.

What are the factors to be considered before buying a nebulizer machine?

A nebulizer machine should be purchased under the supervision of a medical professional. Few factors to consider before buying a nebulizer machine are:

Rate of Nebulization:

The rate of nebulization determines the pace at which the mist would reach up to the lungs. The higher the nebulization rate, the quicker the relief one gets from the pain. Therefore opt for a nebulizer machine with a high rate of nebulization. The nebulizer machine Phillips has a range of nebulization of 0.25 ml/min and 0.5 ml/min.

Size of the Particle:

This is another significant factor required to ensure that the medicine completely reaches the lungs at the best speed possible. The particle size should be approximately in the range of 11 µm and 5 µm. This is the optimum range for penetrating through the respiratory tract seamlessly.

Chamber Capacity:

Look for a machine with a bigger chamber. This will ensure that the machine holds more medicine. This will allow the machine to provide more dosage of the medicine. The best nebulizer machine should be around 8ml to 10ml for optimum results.


The best nebulizer machine should be compact enough that will fit in the bag easily. This is because a nebulizer machine needs to be carried almost everywhere, especially if one suffers from lung disease. Therefore a mini nebulizer machine works excellent here.


The best nebulizer machine should have a high-quality filter. If the filter is not up to the mark, it will add more pressure to the compressor nebulizer machine, which will eventually affect the durability.

Flow adjuster:

The best nebulizer machine should have a flow adjuster, which basically adjusts the nebulization process rate. One can adjust the rate in a customized manner for the best results.

Age Group:

Before buying a nebulizer machine, check the age group it is most suitable for. This is because a nebulizer machine for kids works differently than a nebulizer machine for adults.

Convenient usage:
Look for a nebulizer machine that is not much complex to use. This is more important if one is investing in a nebulizer machine for kids. This is because a complex machine would not be the best option for kids. The best nebulizer machines do not have many technicalities or complex procedures and work with a single click, which is quite convenient.

Easy to clean:

Regular cleaning of the nebulizer machine after every use is very crucial. Therefore, look for machines where the cleaning process is the most simpler.


Make sure that the nebulizer has an addon mask inbuilt in it. This is because a nebulizer machine with a mask is much more convenient to use.

Noise Level:

The noise level plays a significant role in the comfort of the entire process. The ultrasonic nebulizers usually have a noise level of 40-45 dB. If one is sensitive to the nebulizer's noise, the maximum noise level they should consider, buying is 20 dB.


The best nebulizer machines are not very costly. One can spend from a range of ₹ 1000 to ₹2000 to get the best nebulizer machine.


Sudden compressor problems or other technicalities might lead to quite a tense situation. Typically popular nebulizer machine brands offer a warranty range of one year to three years to ensure maximum safety.

Final Thoughts:

With the current environment changes, a nebulizer machine is a necessity right now. Healthcare professionals highly recommend this device for people who have asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other breathing-related problems. Factors like a filter, rate, and many more are quite significant before investing in a nebulizer machine. Check the list of the top 10 best nebulizer machines given above for the best product.