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Listening to music, working out or talking on mobile now do all these hassle-free with the Best Wireless Earbuds.

Updated On Jun 2023

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Best Wireless Earbuds Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

The market is flooding with new and advanced audio devices. In the last few years, the most popular items were the headphones. Now the trend has changed, and everyone is looking for wireless features in every gadget. The freedom of no cables and wires is a significant difference. Wireless earbuds have caused a near to a shockwave in the markets. Everyone is fed up with cables that restrict movement. These earbuds would be an excellent addition for all people who like to listen to music on the go and people who are into running and sports. These are often taken in comparison with some of the headphones and portrayed negatively. Both headphones and earbuds are unique in their way. Many new features make these wireless earbuds a mush-have purchase.

The thing with buying a headphone or earbud is that there are thousands of models of different brands in the marketplace. Many great products are releasing soon, and it is best to analyze some of those before buying. Many things come into pictures like Bluetooth connectivity and resistance features etc. Don't worry about the technical jargon, and continue reading.

True Wireless Earbuds- More Than Just Listening

The wireless age is here, and we are bound to take full advantage of it. The same applies to true wireless earbuds. Cord-free is itself a great advantage to any device. With earbuds, one can do many tasks hand-free. It is more convenient to use and handle small earbuds rather than bulky headphones. There is no trade-off between wireless features and sound quality. The quality of wireless earbuds is top-notch. Different technologies, like bass boosting and noise isolation, make the music even better.

With these latest models of wireless earbuds, there is no need to stop all your work to attend a call. You can walk while you talk. It is rejuvenating when doing chores and listening to music. One can receive calls and also resume playback when done. The interface is straightforward to understand and operate. Almost all brands of earbuds come with stylish looks and sleek designs. It comes in many colors, and sometimes customization is also provided. Well, the earbuds are multi-functional in most cases as they can be connected to different devices like TV, computer, Tablet, and MP3 players.

Minor Drawbacks Of Wireless Earbuds

  • The size of earbuds is tiny, and when the wires are out of the equation, it becomes even harder to find when misplaced.
  • Regular charging is required, and after a few years of use, the battery backpack capacity starts to fade away. The batteries lose the ability to save more power.
  • Sometimes it can be irritating and painful to ears when using for long hours continuously.

These are just a few drawbacks, which are no big deal than other features like wireless and Bluetooth technology. Not all earbuds created are equal, and many unique products are out there. So, before you rush to the store and buy a random wireless earbud, there are some factors to consider.

Things To Consider Before Buying Wireless Earbuds

Type Of Earbuds

Sound Isolation - These earbuds work on focussing one level of sound and then isolate it. The music from the earbuds is separated from the outside noise. It's best to use them in crowded places like the metro or malls.

Noise Cancellation - This type of wireless earbuds are great for blocking any background noise. It is mighty and also sometimes helps you sleep when the surroundings are too noisy.

Sweat Resistant - These earbuds are more for athletes who are always engaged in physical activity. People who often visit the gym would find such earbuds relaxing during an intense workout.

Ear Tips - The ear tips of an earbud are very crucial. When buying wireless earbuds, keep in mind that the ear-tip should be perfectly aligned with your ear canal; otherwise, you will be compromising on high-sound quality. One can change ear tips as they wish. Memory foam tips are one of a kind, so make sure to check them out. However, in some cases, the charging slot prevents other ear tips. So, try getting a perfect fit with the ear tips that are supplied with the earbuds.

Battery life - An ideal way to calculate the battery life of earbuds is to check how much time it runs before plugging it to the charging case. So, if one says that the battery life is 12-14 hours, it is undoubtedly not an accurate value. Try getting a minimum of 3 hrs battery life in one use. Also, do remember that the battery life slowly starts to decrease with more usage, and you have to charge it more often.

Controls - The control features keep increasing when one increases its budget. Wireless earbud with mic is one feature that enables many authorities like voice commands to call or text someone. Some others are used for controlling our music like skipping a track or lowering volume levels. Look for the most responsive earbuds in the market that lets you multitask along with your Smartphone.

Price - All wireless gadgets are always a little pricey than standard models. Many earbuds from Boat and Mi have earbuds under Rupees 2,000 with exclusive features. Other brands like JBL, Noise, and SkullCandy have some of the top-notch premium earbuds in the market. The prices range from Rupees 4,000 to Rupees 18,000. Stick to your budget and try not to overspend over unnecessary features.

Warranty - It is better to have a backup warranty for any gadget or device. Earbuds sometimes will be unable to resist the environment and can get damaged. At that time, it is best to replace and get a new one. Most of the manufacturers of top companies are giving at least one year of limited warranty. Also, check different wireless earbuds in different stores to see which brand offers the most extended warranty period.


That is all one needs to remember when buying wireless earbuds. It is best to add some features for safety, like water resistance and Bluetooth connectivity. Try getting more such elements into your earbuds. The selection must be based on the activities you do daily. If involved in sports and gym, then search for more robust and robust earbuds. To look at some of the most popular earbuds, follow our list of top ten earbuds in India.