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Best Laptop For Students Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Nowadays, every university and school is looking to expand their teaching beyond the classroom. They want to explore other areas that are more of a student's interest. The next most crucial gadget after a smartphone that a student needs is a laptop. The parents will be concerned about how much money it requires and what type of laptop is most useful. To make them educate or understand the factors that play a crucial role when buying a student laptop is our goal in this buying guide. It is all moving online, and the faster they are upgraded, the better they are likely to perform. All the universities host many assignments and exams online, so a student laptop is mandatory for many young kids. Even apart from education, many students are pursuing their interests in arts and designing with the help of their laptops. A laptop is more ideal for students because of its portability. They have to always go from one class to another on the campus. With the help of a laptop, many things like note-taking, maintaining records, and other assignments can easily be automated and handled. Now, the real question is to figure out which student laptop to buy? To answer this question, we have listed the things to consider before buying and what all must a student laptop possess.

How To Decide Which Laptop Is Best For You?

Every student is unique when it comes to their usage and experience with the laptop. Some students are in the arts while others are interested in making films. A college is filled with diverse people of different talents. To make a computer help them, one must first figure out for what purpose they are going to use the most. If they figure that out, then the rest is a piece of cake.

Touchscreen laptops are an advantage for artistic students as they provide a digital stylus that lets one draw and write. Jotting notes during a class is very easy on a touchscreen laptop. Touch support can be an excellent add-on for any user. Glossy and matte screens are also available with such student laptops. The Yoga series provided by Lenovo has many such touchscreen laptops that are highly portable and lightweight.

Students who like to game and want impressive specs then they should prefer a multifunctional student laptop. Such laptops support extensive editing and coding tasks. The laptop undergoes more load when using software like Premiere Pro to edit photos or videos. On such laptops, people can play AAA games without any issue. To people using the computer for long hours, it is recommended to go with a Chromebook. It makes surfing on the web buttery smooth with no lagging issues. Students that are attached to browsers do not have high-powered laptops or processors.

Now, knowing all that one might have clarity on which kind of laptop suits them the most. So, before buying yourself or your kids a laptop, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Student Laptop

Processor - A processor core is the component of a laptop that overall defines the capacity to which the computer can perform. Two types of bases are running popular in the marketplace, and they are Intel and AMD. If going with a laptop that has intel CPU, then choose only i5 or higher versions of the processing unit. Coming to AMD, the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 are performing very well. Try to have more multithreading on your CPU because all the modern software is using this component for running multiple applications.

RAM - Next to the processor, the next factor is the RAM of the laptop. This again depends on the versatile usage of the student. If it is limited to only notes and online learning, then 4GB RAM is enough. But when looking to play games and other entertainment activities along with online education, then it is advised to go with at least 8GB RAM. One more thing is to look for an empty slot or upgrading option on the laptop.

Graphics Capacity - It is a known fact that in the case of graphics, the dedicated graphics card performs better than an integrated graphics card. Nvidia is the most common brand to go to for graphics. A whole variety of graphic cards that can fulfill any graphical requirement are present in their store.

Pre-Installed Software - It is better to have essential software and systems to be pre-installed into the laptop. Basic Office software that students are most likely to use should already be present. Look for student offers when looking to add other premium software like Photoshop and other designing software.

Size & Weight - A student laptop ideal size would be between 13-14 inches and not more than that. This way, students can easily carry them in their backpacks without putting too much stress on their bodies. For the weight part, it should be between 1.5-1.7 Kilos. Any more than that will cause shoulder and back pain.

Budget - This is the most essential part determining what kinds of specs one ends up with on their laptop. Many brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Apple are providing durable student laptops. Basic models associated with any brands start Rupees 30,000, and with more advanced features, the price continues to go up to Rupees 1,00,000. It is important to remember that it is mainly used for college purposes, so there is no need to spend too much on a laptop. Stick to your budget and buy a good laptop.

Warranty - Every expensive gadget should come with a backup warranty, and the same applies when buying a laptop. Almost every prominent manufacturer is providing a minimum of one year limited period of warranty. Other accessories come under different terms and conditions. One thing to keep in mind is that this warranty of one year will not cover physical damages and for that, they charge an additional plan which is usually billed every year.


Well, there you have it! You are now capable of making the perfect decision when it comes to buying student laptops. Make e-learning possible with such student laptops and also have fun, but not always. Check some stores offline and online to find reasonable prices. To find such products, follow our list top ten student laptops in India.