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Best Juicer Mixer Grinder Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Nowadays, everyone is paying attention to their health and are taking some crucial decisions to turn their lives around. We get healthy by fixing our kitchen and adding the right tools. In this modern, a mixer grinder is becoming an essential part of every household. To prepare spices and get the most of the fruits, one needs a good juicer mixer grinder. This would be the best kitchen appliance because of its functionality that can work with different foods. It is an appliance that makes everyday cooking a lot easier. However, there is a wide range of options to choose from, and one might find it very confusing. To purchase a mixer grinder for either a home cooking or food business, one must consider a few essential factors.

Why Buy A Juicer Mixer Grinder?

This machine is so much better than traditional methods and instruments. It makes it easier to crush fruits and makes it a lot fresher. Manual grinder and mixing is such a painful job, and on top of that, it takes much time. When it comes to a mixer grinder, it saves time and does the job in a much better way. It is only a matter of minutes before a freshly brewed juice is served. Its speed and efficiency of grinding make it a highly productive machine. To chop and grind foodstuff like fruits and other chutneys are some that can be used with a mixer.

The usage of juicers is not so frequent, so it is more durable and works for many years without any damages. Many models for this device come in a different range of sizes, from mini juicers to large juicers. They are so compact and lightweight that it can be carried around with ease.

Types Of Juicer Mixer Grinder

Stand Mixers

This comes under the category of mixing and is a powerful tool that combines hard ingredients with ease. Such mixers are commonly used for preparing batters and whipping cream. The mechanism of this type of mixer involves the gear system. It can also be used for crushing herbs for making desired spices.

Juice Press

This is a unique juicer that uses two stages to produce fresh juice. In the beginning, it produces milk with pulp, and later after extraction comes juice without paste. It is called “Press” because it extracts the pulp by pressing it under thousands of pounds of pressure.

Mixer Grinder

This type is a combination of both mixer and grinder. Both of its functionalities are now combined into one single device. It can be used for mixing and grinding different food items. As they perform various tasks, they require different jars where one is used for sauces, and the other one is used for making powders.

All In One Device

This one stands out from other types of juicers or grinders because it comes with all features of three different machines. The additional functionality added to this all in one device is juicing. All of them have a separate jar and are made with either a poly carbonate or stainless steel material.

Key Indicators Of A Good Juicer Mixer Grinder

Power Capacity - This is an essential factor as power defines the speed and productivity of the machine. So, a powerful juicer can handle heavier loads without burning up or overheating. For a standard model, look for anywhere between 550 watts to 600 watts. One more thing to remember when deciding the capacity is that more power also means more noise.

Speed - The speed comes with more revolutions per minute, and with more momentum for the juicer, it can complete the grinding in much less time. Again as said earlier, with an increase in speed, it creates noise, and the internal parts may get damaged. Stick to average RPM to have more durability.

Design & Size - Any plan that comes with a small size and includes all essential features will be a good option. If they are small, then they are portable and can be easily carried around. Two best shapes for a juicer are tower and L- shape. Look for a design that is easy to clean after grinding and juicing.

Energy Efficient - It must consume less power with high-quality grinding. In a way, efficiency is based on how much energy is being used daily. Cut down your costs of electricity by selecting a more reliable power-efficient juicer mixer grinder.

Noise Level - When grinding, it should be peaceful, but many models are very noisy when running them. So, it is a benefit to invest in a juicer that makes less noise. It is best to go with soundless juicers and can leave all frustration behind with the sounds.

Extra Features - Auto shut off and safe lock system are two additional features to look for in a mixer grinder. The automatic feature helps in preventing any damages, and the secure lock is to ensure more safety.

Price - Any model comes with many features, and, likely, some of them may not be useful. So, before buying, choose only those features that would be helpful. Many brands like Phillips, Bajaj, and Havells have products under Rupees 5,000, and this price can go up to Rupees 9,000. Stick to a budget and keep adding exciting features for your juicer mixer grinder.

Warranty - To have the juicer grinder for many years in your kitchen, then a warranty is must-have for your appliance. It sometimes happens so often that the blades get damaged so, it is best if one chooses a brand that supports physical damages in their warranty period. Many manufacturers are providing a limited warranty of 2 years, and it can extend to 5 years.


Well, that is all one needs to remember to get healthy with a top-rated juicer mixer grinder. To stay fit and healthy, one must have nutrient-enriched food. So, to make that happen, one has got to purchase this appliance. Do recheck some relevant specifications like the number of jars, power capacity, dual or single usage, and RPM. Depending on your usage and requirement, one should make the decision. Check them at stores and try out some samples before making a purchase. If any more queries, then follow our list of top ten juicer mixer grinder.