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Best Guitar For Beginners Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Music is something that everyone resonates differently, and most of them are emotionally connected to their music. Sometimes people identify their inner-self through music, and it may sound silly, but the notes and tunes have a unique voice. If one wants to explore the wilderness of music, a guitar is a way to go. If you're going to make music that inspires and motivates others, you would want to consider buying the best acoustic guitar to start your guitarist journey. Many factors come in the picture, and technical jargon is also involved. With all this in mind, one might get confused and is likely to end up with a lousy guitar that doesn't suit them. For a beginner, the guitar must stay in tune for long hours. So, to end up with a perfect acoustic guitar, one has to consider some factors. Firstly, the type of guitar must be chosen and later follows size. After the guitar's size is selected, one must look for extra features than enhance their music.

Types Of Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

It may sound like a technical name, but all it says is that it acts as an amplifier to the guitar. Many acoustic guitars have multiple options that support the amplification of the sound in the space of the guitar. For example, the piezo strip beneath the bridge saddle and sensor attached to the guitar's top help in producing an authentic-sounding tone. Such acoustic guitar features eliminate unwanted feedback and allow free access to the upper frets on the guitar.

Nylon-String Classical

Some say that nylon classical is similar to acoustic, and in a way, they have the same functionality. This guitar usually comes in small sizes attached to nylon strings. It is best suited for kids aged 13-15 years because it is a great instrument to start learning, and it comes at a very affordable price. The strings make it easy for the fingers because of their low tension system. These guitars are associated with great artists who have made music that can never be forgotten.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars are the fun type of guitar, but many professionals use it in their concerts. The background of such guitars is that it converts vibrations into electrical impulses, which is amplified via the loudspeaker. All the models of electric guitars have solid bodies, and back in the day, they were trendy. An electric guitar has pretty cool designs, and the music is just out of the world.

So, these are the three main types of guitars that a beginner can consider. When choosing the guitar, there is an upside or downside; it all depends on one's taste in music. Please don't get too stressed about it and let your music decide it for you. Select one out, give it a few strokes, and if it feels right, then move on to styles and designs. This gives the idea of how it feels, and going to store to check different guitars is always the best option.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A Guitar

Body - It's best to know the depth one is looking for in their guitar. To have an easy way around the guitar, a shallow body is preferred over other body types. Bigger is better in some cases, and they resonate more soundly. A full-body guitar for some people is comfortable, and for some, it is too heavy. One should conduct trials with different body types and decide which one best suits them.

Used VS New - It is always better to go with a brand new guitar because, at first, many don't know how to judge the condition of a guitar and understand its functionality. It is just better to find one at the store because of musical instruments from an online lack in providing that quality assurance. When buying a used guitar, many additional questions arise and make the process even more complicated.

Neck - This part of the guitar is attached to the body, which then terminates the headstock. In most guitars, the standard type of neck used is set neck. For electric guitars, a bolt neck would be more suitable. With a heel to the guitar, it is likely to help support the back of the neck.

Materials Used - To get a high-quality guitar, one must choose proper materials to build the guitar's body. The top part of the guitar is made of spruce, and some brands also use cedar. Some companies like to try out synthetic materials, and they turn out to be some of the best guitars in the market. For the back portion and side portion, most of the manufacturers use rosewood, mahogany, and maple. This depends on one's taste in colors and styles.

Extra Accessories - To make the most of a guitar, some additional attachments are needed. Choose some important ones only, and don't overspend on these accessories. A small amplifier would be high if deciding to play outside in parks and clubs. A spare set of strings always comes handy. Guitar cables and a case for it make the whole job very easy to carry to different places.

Price - To add as many features as possible can take place when one manages their budget. Many models are there in the marketplace that are offering exciting features at affordable prices. It varies on the quality of wood mainly and also the type of guitar chosen. Prices range from Rupees 4,000 to Rupees 12,000 in the present marketplace. Many cheap guitars are there, which are for beginners, but gradually they can shift to a professional guitar.

Warranty - Music never stops unless one stops playing, and to let one continue playing the guitar, they need to choose a guitar that provides more prolonged periods of warranty. Some companies are so confident with their product that they are giving a lifetime warranty. Significant brands are offering at least a 1-year limited warranty.


Well, there it is wrapped in a few paragraphs. That is all one needs to keep in mind to find a top-rated guitar to start their musical journey. Make it a priority to go to the store and feel the guitar in your hands. After that, check for desired features and choose some functional accessories. If having any more trouble selecting the best guitar for you, follow our list of top ten guitars for beginners.