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Best Convection Microwave Oven Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Nowadays, everyone is leading a busy lifestyle, and they don’t even have enough time to cook food. While preparing food at home, it takes so much time, and many steps are involved in making. To the rescue comes the best convection microwave oven, which helps people prepare their meals faster than ever and also healthier. Along with that, it also saves a lot of energy. It is a significant upgrade from conventional ovens. Its fans circulate heat, which cooks and bake food evenly and faster. A convection microwave oven integrates two technologies and acts as a multi-functional appliance. Many experts in the food industry are pointing out that cooking meals from a microwave are a healthier choice. Most of the ovens cook or bake food without the usage of any oil.

To bring home, the best convection oven takes some research and consideration of a few factors. Many models claim to be the best oven in the market, but it is better to compare a few of them before making a purchase.

Why Buy A Convection Microwave Oven?

Many believe that many dishes cannot be prepared in an oven, but that is not the case with a convection microwave. The warm waves from the oven mainly focus on enhancing the taste and present nutrient-enriched food. Conventional methods of cooking are not that effective when it comes to conserving nutrients in food. In the case of a convection microwave oven, it can evenly distribute waves and also protects supplements. It is better to purchase a convection oven rather than an ordinary oven because convection ovens are coming with grill and solo options.

A convection microwave oven is packed with many features. The technology used is much advanced compared to conventional ovens. It saves a lot of time trying different cooking styles beforehand and freezing them. Convection ovens are beneficial when it comes to de-icing meat. All it takes is a few minutes before one can start cooking. For people looking to cut down on food but would like to eat something tasty, this is for them. Its oil usage is a primary determiner in the marketplace. It also offers many safety options, and the food never gets burned. It has digital panels that help in setting correct temperatures and time.

In the case of old cooking methods, they have used many plates and dishes to cook, but that takes a lot of time to clean afterward. More time meaning more energy is being wasted and that too it is for dishwashing. Therefore, a convection oven is an answer to all such problems. Before going to the store and buying the first one on display, some factors need to be taken under consideration for selecting a top-rated microwave.

Important Factors To Consider While Buying A Convection Oven

Size - The first thing to look for in a microwave oven is its size and capacity. For a family of four, a microwave oven with function 20-30 liters is enough. If one only wants to use it for reheating purposes, then a small oven would do it. To make multiple batches at a time, it is necessary to have two shelves which provide more space for cooking.

Panel Variation - After deciding on the size, one has to move on to check the type of panels available for the convection oven. There are three main types of groups: Mechanical, Tactile Buttons, and Feather-touch. Each of them has different features that focus on increasing comfort and convenience. Choose one which makes it easier for you to adjust temperature and time.

Power Capacity - It is essential to select an oven that reduces electricity costs and reduces energy consumption. The range of power capacity available in the market is from 600 watts to 1500 watts. Just keep in mind that more power used while cooking means more maintenance costs.

Extra Features To Look For

Child Safety Lock - With children around, it is best to have a child lock feature. This keeps the heat away from the kids, and as they say, prevention is better than cure. A smart choice when buying a microwave would include this feature.

Timer & Sensors - With the incorporation of sensors comes automation. Timers help get the food ready and alert the user when the food is prepared to be served. When steam levels cross the limits, the automatic feature shuts down the oven entirely, with food being protected.

Rotisserie - It comes with few accessories that help for grilling and barbequing different food items. To enjoy exotic flavors, one has to install this into their ovens. It does not need to be only meat items, but these grills can be best used with vegetables also.

Preheating - This is a fundamental feature in many ovens, which helps in reducing power consumption. For baking cakes and cookies, they take a lot of time to avoid more power consumption, and the oven is preheated to reduce the preparation time.

Price - Many models are providing a lot of features and are priced just under Rupees 10,000. Brands like IFB, Samsung, and Whirlpool have affordable ovens. Prices range from Rupees 4,500 to Rupees 9,000 with many exciting features and attachments. So, manage your budget to get more features at a reasonable price. One more thing to check is whether any customer support is provided or not. Also, ask for any extra add-ons that are available or not.

Warranty - To enjoy healthy and tasty food for a long time, one must ensure a reasonable warranty period. Microwave ovens are not used every day, so they are likely to have more lifespan. Brands are giving decent warranty periods, and it can last up to 10 years. The standard model is having at least five years of limited warranty. Other attachments can be replaced or repaired in the given time frame.


It has become essential to look after our bodies and maintain a proper diet. A convection oven can do that with saving time and making delicious food. To get the most out of your furnace, you have to consider the above factors. However, it all comes down to one’s need and planning to use their microwave. Feel free to try out some samples at the store before buying. If having any more doubts, then follow our list of top ten convection microwave ovens.