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Best All in one computer Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

Everyone is leading a busy lifestyle and are using multiple gadgets to help them succeed. However, having too many gadgets around is unhealthy and can become irritating after a point of time. To have all the features in one device, then one should buy an all in one computer. All in one computer maintains a perfect balance between functionality and form. They are designed in such a way that they can fulfill everybody’s requirements. There are several thousand models in the market, and finding the perfect one can be challenging to accomplish.

Why All In One Computer?

The first reason for going with an all in one computer is that it can save a lot of space. The designs are slim and thin that take very little desk space. As it is lightweight and portable, it can be easily carried from work to office or anywhere else. They come with in-built touch screens, so there is no point in taking a mouse or keyboard. Many traditional computers or laptops are power-hungry and are always so loud. All this is unwanted, and it only builds upon maintenance costs. Therefore, replacing your current personal computer with an all in one computer will make your work productive, and in the process, you can save a lot of time.

Things To Consider Before Buying A All In One Computer

Processor - This is like the core of the computer that aligns all the other components together. So, it should be a power-packed processor that can handle heavy loads and temperatures. It is better with Intel i5 or above level processors as they are currently the most used ones. Basic multitasking can be done with ease on an entry-level processor like Intel i3.

RAM - If one works on multiple tabs or does extensive designing, they should consider the minimum RAM storage of 8GB. If one wants to indulge in entertainment like gaming and editing, it is best to go with 16GB RAM.

Screen Size - The size of the screen depends on the individual. One thing to remember is when taking a big screen is that they become less portable. With small screens, it is easy to carry around and work in any environment.

Weight - The weight of an all in one computer is usually low, and it is best if one chooses a lightweight model. To carry around all the time, it must be small, so a laptop with a size 13 inch and weight 2 pounds would be a perfect choice.

Price - Many brands like Dell and HP are releasing computers at affordable rates with excellent specifications. The prices range from Rupees 20,000 to Rupees 40,000, and as the price goes up, many components storage tends to increase like RAM and processor.

Warranty -  A computer is only as good as the warranty period. Many companies are giving guarantees in the range of one to three years of limited period. Make sure to check the authenticity of the warranty with the help of the serial number on the label.

Final Words

Well, that is all about crucial aspects that make up for good all in one computer. Make sure to match the specifications to your needs and requirements. Make your work productive and save time on this computer. If any more queries regarding specs or computers, follow our list of top ten all in one computer in India.