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Best Air Cooler Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021 In India

What time is it? It's summertime. The time has come where everyone is going to start to sweat. The temperature is on the rise, and working in such conditions for long hours can impact one's daily lives in a significant way. It is a fact that ACs are so expensive and everyone cannot make that kind of an investment. I was wondering if there is an alternative? Yes, there is an alternative, and it is an air cooler. Air coolers are so high that they are easy to move around and cools down the room in a matter of minutes. Well, it's time to go shopping to beat the heat this summer. However, there are so many coolers to choose from, and finding the best air cooler might seem troublesome. So, before rushing to the store and buying the first one you see, some factors must be remembered before selecting a cooler.

Why Choose An Air Cooler?

Air coolers outsmart air conditioners in many categories. Firstly, air coolers are affordable and come in many sizes. The maintenance of an air cooler is far less than an air conditioner. Therefore, this is more suitable for the majority of the public. Unlike ACs, the air coolers come in many variations like a wall-mounted cooler, portable cooler, and industrial cooler. Air coolers have the edge over conditioners because of their low power consumption. A standard refrigerator only consumes about twenty percent of energy as compared to air conditioners. Even with less power consumed, it does not compromise on its performance.

Types Of Air Coolers

In India, the air coolers are mainly separated into three types- Personal Air Cooler, Desert Air Cooler, and Tower Air Cooler. Read till the end to get the complete picture of it.

Personal Air Cooler

As the name suggests, it is best suited for small rooms and a single individual. They are lightweight and highly portable. This type of cooler commonly comes with 20 liters of capacity. So, it may be a little tiring to refill with more buckets of water. Other than that, everything else about personal coolers is excellent.

Few benefits offered are:

  • Perfect fit for small and medium-sized rooms.
  • Easy to handle and move around.
  • Very inexpensive.

Desert Air Coolers

These are a step-up from personal coolers as they are medium and large-sized rooms. This requires more space in the room, so it is recommended to fit it outside the window. The desert cooler provides a better cooling effect than a personal refrigerator.

Few benefits offered are:

  • A big tank with 50-60 liters capacity
  • Much better cooling effect.
  • Saves space when mounted to a wall or window.

Tower Air Cooler

These air coolers have a moderate storage capacity that can store 20-25 liters. The main upside is the design and innovative features. With little more capacity than a personal refrigerator, it saves even more space in the room.

Few benefits offered are:

  • Modern looks and designs.
  • Highly space-efficient.
  • Most models come with exciting features.

Things To Consider When Buying An Air Cooler

Water Capacity - This depends on the size of the room and requirement. For large rooms, it would require more storage capacity. If staying in a single room, then 15-20 liters capacity is more than enough. For medium-sized and big rooms, make sure to have at least 35 liters of water capacity. Estimate the room area and decide on the size of the air cooler.

Cooling Pads - To get a high-quality cooling effect, one must ensure that the air cooler comes with excellent cooling pads. There are mainly two types of cooling pads to choose from, and they are Cellulose Pads and Aspen Pads. It is better to go with cellulose pads because Aspen pads are of low-quality and have a very short lifespan. The thick layer on Cellulose pads provides a much better cooling effect.

Different Modes OF Cooling - An air cooler with more cooling modes will be suitable for any day. The most common setting for air coolers comes with three buttons, which can be used to adjust the fan's speeds.

Types Of Fans - The fan of the cooler must be of high-quality, and not only that, it must be durable. There are mainly two types of fans, and they are Axial and Centrifugal. So, when picking a fan, two things need to be kept in mind: energy consumption and noise level. The Axial type of fan is a lot cheaper but produces much noise. On the other hand, the Centrifugal fan runs very quietly, but the power consumption is very high.

Alert & Timer Feature - These both features come in handy all the time. The alert feature informs the user of the water level and reminds them to refill whenever needed. The timer is for automatic shut down of fans after a fixed amount of time. Look for such features that increase the versatile nature of your air cooler. Ultimately, it is for convenience and also to cut down on electricity bills.

Price - One has to get their budget prepared before heading out to buy the cooler. Many big brands like Symphony, Voltas, and Bajaj provide coolers in a good range of prices. Prices vary on capacity and other additional features. Prices for air coolers range from Rupees 6,000 to Rupees 18,000. Look for models in the store and buy them online for good discounts.

Warranty - Air cooler is an appliance that everyone wants to run for many years. If any damages or repairs occur, it is best to have a warranty for at least a few years after purchase. Many manufacturers provide a limited warranty of at least three years, extending to 5 or 6 years.


Well, there it is explained in detail regarding the factors and types of air coolers. This is all one needs to remember when purchasing an air cooler. The best refrigerator for anyone is always based on their needs and requirements. Fix your budget and browse through options to find the perfect one. Make your summers seem like winters with an air cooler. If one has any more queries about air coolers and details, follow our list of top ten air coolers.